Before Booking A DJ You Should Check They Have The Required Licenses.
Most Venues Will Now Require A DJ To Provide Proof Of Any Valid Licenses
And May Stop The DJ From Setting Up Should He Not Have These,
Thus Ruining Your Event.
The Risk Of Booking A DJ Without Public Liability
Your DJ May Be Refused Entry To The Venue / Location.
If Your DJ Causes Damage To Property Or Individuals You May Become Liable For The Costs.
Many Large Venues And Hotels Insist The DJ Has Full Public Liability,
What If The DJ Causes Damage Or Injures A Guest On Your Big Day
Don't Allow This To Ruin Your Event, Always Make Sure Your DJ Has This.
The Risk Of Booking A DJ Without A P.A.T. Certificate.
Most Professional DJ's Will Service And Maintain Their Equipment On A Regular Basis.
Most Disco's Have A Lot Of Electrical Leads And Cabling, A P.A.T. Test Checks This Equipment Meets All Electrical Safety Standards.
A DJ That Does Not Have This Certificate May Find Venues Not Allowing Him To Work Or Even Worse Imagine Leaning Over To Ask The DJ For A Request And Getting An Electric Shock From Untested Or Dangerous Equipment.
(We've All Seen Leads Held Together With Tape Or Bare Wires Wrapped Together Down The Local Pub With DJ Double Decks At Some Stage )
All Leads Should Be Taped Securely Down To Avoid Trip Hazards 
And Have A Green P.A.T. Sticker On Each Electrical Item He Uses,
(Check Your DJ Has This)
Our Licenses Accompany Us On Every Show For Verification Purposes:
Portable Appliance Test (P.A.T.)
Public Liability Insurance (P.L.I.)
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